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Idea: perler beads pattern design software

Welcome to     http:// beadsoft .az.com

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Fuse Bead Software-

Design Gallery
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Saturday, December 24, 2011 ..:: Home ::.. Register Login

Patterns! Minimize-

Create these designs with Perler Beads! Visit the Design Gallery to see

- Kyle's Room
Kyle (age 5) created this starting with a Microsof...
- Everyone loves Clifford!
It's Little Clifford! Or maybe Clifford's purple c...
- Beijing 2008
Thanks to Luke Nickles, Los Angeles, CA for this P...
- John Deere logo
Create one of the most popular logos ever with Per...
- Sample design
We made the software easy enough for a 3 year old ...
- Nebraska Cornhuskers
"Hail to the team. The stadium rings as everyone s...
- Rudolph
Thanks to Janette P. from Chicago, IL
- The Force is with Sean T. of Fresno
Sean T. (Fresno, CA) is a Perler Beads maniac, who...
- Military Heart
This makes you stop and think. (Sent to us by Soni...
- Cat for Aunt Susan
My aunt Susan will love this once it's "fused". Bu...
- Share the Love
Just in time for Valentines Day! Thanks to Rachell...
- Created with Fuse Bead Image Converter
This pattern was sent to us by Jan M. (Seattle - a...
- Skater
By Stella - age 8.
- More fun with patterns and beads
Another great design from Dan T.
- Star Wars Rebel Insignia
I have to admit that we didn't know what this was ...


Welcome to Fuse Bead Software Minimize-

Find, share, and create Perler Beads designs!

Find your next Perler Beads project in the Design Gallery. From Sponge
Bob to Barbie, our customers have created amazing Perler Beads designs,
and you can download them for FREE!

Share your Perler Beads designs with others on this website or through

Create Perler Bead designs with our fun and educational Windows
software. You can even create Perler Beads designs from a photo or
almost any online image!
Sample screen 1 - Select pegboard- Sample screen 2 - Print

Software for Designing Perler Beads projects!

This is also the home to the popular Fuse Bead Pattern Designer
software. This one-of-a-kind Windows program allows kids as young as 3
and adults of any age to design wonderful Perler Beads patterns before
sitting down and placing beads. The software includes 40 on-screen
Perler Beads pegboards, all of the latest bead colors, and advanced
features to create large picture-like designs.

Here's how you can use this web site:
1. Visit the Design Gallery, which includes designs from Perler Beads
artists of all ages. When you find a Perler Beads design that you
like, click the image or the download button to download the
2. Save the design to your computer. Designs are stored in an FBP
("Fuse Bead Pattern") file.
3. Open your copy of the Fuse Bead Pattern Designer software and
Import the design.
4. You can then edit the design by adding or removing beads and
changing bead colors. Then, print the design and a color key before
you start placing Perler Beads on your pegboard.
5. Send your designs (in FBP file format) to
designs@fusebeadsoftware. We will take a snapshot of your
design and make it available to other Perler Beads enthusiasts
around the world!

We hope you'll join hundreds of others around the world who use Fuse
Bead Pattern Designer and Fuse Bead Image Converter to create amazing
Perler Beads projects.

If you have suggestions or comments, please mail them to



What's New? Minimize-

Summer 2011 Special Price! Only $9.95!
Hurry, order today for summer fun with Perler Beads!

New Tutorial
Here's another tutorial for creating a Perler Beads design. This one
shows how to use the free GIMP image editor!

Affiliate Program!
Please visit our Affiliate page to learn about how to earn an extra
income promoting Fuse Bead Pattern Designer.

Blog Page

We've added a Blog to this site to share tips, project ideas, and more.
read more ...


Learn how to convert Santa Claus into a Perler Beads pattern.
read more ...

Beads Minimize-

Find Perler Beads at one of these great stores:

Perler Beads-





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